ReActing Youth Exchange (May, 2017)

The project ’ReActing’ was implemented in Bánk, Hungary between 8-16 May,2017, involved 30 young people (+6 group leaders) aged between 17-28 years old from Cyprus, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia and Hungary – including disadvantaged participants as well.


The project promoted environmental awareness and active participation of young people based on the principles of non-formal education. The activities helped them to understand better the ecological problems deeper, its influence in our daily life. At the same time They learnt about others’ culture, but also how to meet, accept, share their ideas, to show an interest in cooperation and communication with young people from other European countries.


The result of this project was a theater performance on 14. May 2017, included 5 shorter plays, in an Afternoon School (Hatáspont Tanoda) in Gyöngyös. The performance was presented to the students and teachers, who were taking part actively in the forum theater scenes. The plays promoted environmental protection, recycle and ecological issues, e.g. the topics were about water pollution, lot of garbage in the forest etc., and the students had solutions, what the people should change in order to protect the nature.


The objectives of the project were reached:
– to be more aware of environmental problems,
– be open to other cultures,
– develop their creativity, self-confidence and self-expression,
– share their own ideas and point of view in the topic


Here you can see more pictures of the exchange.


The project was supported by Erasmus+ Programme

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